Do you want your content marketing to finally deliver sales?

Our Content Marketing Workbook will help you create content that increases search rankings, builds trust and delivers leads.

Content marketing is just a pain in the arse, right?

Producing content is just that niggling thing on your to-do list. You know it should be done. The benefits are clear – it increases search engine rankings, builds trust and authority and delivers you more leads and sales.

But thinking of new content ideas takes time out of your business.

And when you do finally hit publish on that blog post, video or podcast, you don’t see any sales. You barely seen any comment and shares.

But what if you had an action plan for just 90 days of content? A bite-sized content strategy that works but isn’t too overwhelming.

And what if those pieces of content were guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings and lead to sales?

And imagine content marketing was no longer a giant chore, but something you actually enjoyed!

This is where the 90-Day Challenge, Content Marketing Workbook can help.

What is the Workbook?

The 90 Day Challenge Workbook helps you create consistent, lead-generating content for 90 days. The book includes three 90 Day challenge sections, giving you an entire year of content planning, but in more manageable chunks.

Take a Peek at a Sample of Our 120 page Workbook...

What's Included?

  • An overview of the 6 types of content you need to produce to get top search rankings and sales, which means no more time wasted trying to think up ideas (and producing fluff in the process!)
  • 3x Content Planning sections which cover 90 days of content. These sections will allow you to plan who the content is for, the keywords you’re targetting, what you want to do next etc.
  • Blogging, podcasting and video checklists – whatever platform you choose to produce your content, you’ll have a step by step checklist of everything you need to do for publishing, set-up, editing and SEO – no more googling all those things!
  • Measuring success – you want to know the ROI of all this, right? In the workbook, we’ll get you to measure where you are before each challenge and where you are after. No more wasting time on content that doesn’t work.

Extra for members in our Make Your Mark Online membership community!

  • Receive weekly feedback on your content, so you can improve it for SEO, structure, titles, value, storytelling, branding, tone of voice and much more. This means you’ll get better and faster at content marketing – bringing in more sales to your business.
  • Part of the 90 Day Challenge group where we support each other to produce better content. Producing content, and by extension, running our businesses can get pretty lonely sometimes. So join a group of wonderful, like-minded people for support. 

How it Works - The Step by Step to 90 Day Success

STEP ONE - Measure Where You Are Now

You can’t evaluate your success without evaluating where you are before it starts. We ask you some simple questions in this book, then we’ll ask you the same questions after the 90 days. You write down your answers and see the difference. Simple.

STEP TWO - Brain Dump (or to give it its fancy name, Content Matrix)

Before starting the 90DC, it’s good to have a ‘brain dump’ of ideas. In this workbook we’ll encourage you to do this, but with a little structure too! This will give you plenty of content ideas so you won’t be left wondering what to publish every week! Therefore, no excuses 😉


Yep. Then you’re going to have to do the thing! Each week you’ll publish one piece of content. You’ll use this workbook to help you with each piece of content, and, if you’re part of our membership you’ll write down any feedback we give you. You can use your feedback to edit your work and improve your content going forward.

STEP 4 - Review the Data & Do it all over again!

After each 90DC, we’ll ask you the same questions we asked at the start of the challenge. This will show you how well you’ve performed and further areas you can work on. You then have a plan of action for the next 90-day challenge and it allows you to take a little breather too!


The membership helps you create a website that works 24/7 in generating leads and sales for your business. It includes:

  • One-click-install, website templates
  • A supportive community of likeminded business owners
  • Challenges like the content challenge to hold you to accountable and give feedback


Questions You Might Have

You know what? So have we!

When we created this workbook we were conscious of this.  

That’s why the workbook includes three separate challenges. Rather than looking at the entire year, we break it down into three 90 day challenges where you create one piece of content for 13 weeks. It’s much more manageable! 

You certainly can. The workbook can be used independently so you can plan an entire year’s worth of lead-generating content. 

During each 90 day challenge, we’ll provide personalised feedback to everyone who is involved. This will tell you key areas of improvement such as SEO, titles, storytelling, branding, tone of voice and much more. 

You also join other like-minded business owners on their 90 day challenge journey and we share a community group where you can ask questions and gain support. 

Finally, by joining the membership you also get access to our one-click-install, WordPress templates. There’s no use creating content on your website if it’s a pile of pants! 

As well as 60+ video courses and an ace community. 

To find out more about joining our membership, click here. 

There are three 90-day challenges in the workbook. This covers 39 of 52 weeks in a year. The idea is you have a break in between to take stock and evaluate. 

It can be a bit overwhelming planning and doing a whole year of content marketing, which is why it’s broken up into chunks. 

The 90 Day Challenge starts and ends on the following dates in 2020. 

Mon 13 Jan – Sun 12 April 

Mon 11 May – Sun 9 Aug

Mon 7 Sept – Sun 6 Dec



And that’s the trouble with diaries or journals, you feel like you have to start in January. 

But this workbook can be started anytime of year. And if you’re planning on joining the membership you can start on the date of the next challenge. Simple. 


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Wait. Who are you?

In case you’ve read this entire thing and thought, ‘well this all sounds nice but who the hell are you people?’ Then we’ve included a bit of info about us below 😉

We’re Martin and Lyndsay, and we run Jammy Digital, a web design agency. We’ve created websites for some amazing brands, and we’ve achieved some pretty impressive results for our clients – such as 10x their website traffic, doubling sales, or adding 500 extra keywords to their current rankings.

We also help small business owners create websites they can be proud of – ones that actually deliver leads and sales. We do this through our membership community, Make Your Mark Online. 

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